Recruiting Process

You outsource your recruiting activities to us. We reorganize your recruiting process for your company. 

Fast. Transparent. And only success based. If we did not find the right candidate, you get no invoice.


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Our Services

WE TAKE Over your Recruiting Process and find the right candidates



We bring in an Applicant Tracking System that provides transparency and automates every step in your hiring process.


Job Profiles

Often it is not clear what the position is, how to define the work. Our candidate-driven job profiling enhances job descriptions to attract suitable candidates.



Our approach involves actively searching for suitable candidates in our network and in places you are not thinking of. But we also have the experience of finding people on LinkedIn and strategically posting job openings on relevant job boards.


Virtual Interviews

We use MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet for interviews with promising candidates within 24 hrs after their application.



We choose highly talented and knowledgeable employees for your company by administering exams to assess the skills and knowledge of potential candidates.



Our Applicant Tracking System provides real-time updates on recruitment progress, including salary expectations. You stay informed throughout the hiring process.

Who we work for

Our Customer focus

Small Companies

Our recruitment services are best suited for businesses with around 50 or fewer employees that lack a dedicated in-house hiring team. We believe that our expertise can add the most value to such organizations.


For startups, it's crucial to have a robust recruitment strategy that enables them to quickly expand their team with top talent. Scale employee recruitment quickly and achieve all growth targets – thanks to full candidate pipelines and perfect candidate experience.

We recognize the importance of managing regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures. Our specialization lies in building the perfect team and finding the most suitable candidates to complement your unique company culture. We understand that every team and organization is distinct, and we pride ourselves on our ability to identify candidates with the right personality traits, whether you need an extroverted go-getter, an introverted thinker, or something in between. Trust us to find the right fit for your team.

Our advisers concentrate only on the above-mentioned client groups.
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What teams we build

Who we recruit

Information Technology

We hire your Tech Team, From DevOps, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack DataScientist, Product Owner, Scrum Master to Head of Product or Head of IT.

Marketing & Sales

We develop your sales Team. B2C or B2B. From Social Media Manager, Key Account Manager to Head of Sales or Head of Marketing.

Executive Search

We will find the matching piece of your Management Team. CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CDO.
Choose your C-Level!

Finance Specialists

Whether you require a skilled Financial Controller, Accountant or Treasurer, we will help you to build your finance team.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people.
At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.